Monday, August 11, 2014

My job as a life coach is to help and guide My client to get their life on track or to quit a bad habit. I create accountability that helps keep you on track and consequences for not following the plan to get get you back on track. Sometimes its hard to have self discipline and drive.... I can set up a plan that helps push you to succeed and accomplish your goals.

Discipline is the element that I add that most life coaches don't. Think back to being a child... If you knew you would get a spanking or something taken away it would help prevent you from doing what you weren't suppose to do.  Spanking isn't the only discipline I use but I do use it the most. It is in My opinion the most effective in changing behavior. I also use writing line, grounding, mouth soaping, and corner time.

Discipline spankings.... In NO way are sexual or abusive. Painful, yes but honestly that is what helps change your behavior. I NEVER cause damage to the skin. I start spankings over the knee maybe not bare to start but I do remove clothe as skin warms up. I do use many different implements including wood and leather paddles, straps, and canes

Journals... I may have client keep track of progress in a journal. Journals also help with accountability and telling on yourself.

Life coach clients are different because I do ask a little more for a tribute but I also will be in contact with you by cell or email sometimes daily, at least a few times a week.